Experience the ultimate in heavy machinery support with Sunway’s Aftersales Market Division. Elevate performance, extend lifecycles, and redefine industry standards – all backed by our dedicated team of experts. Your achievements, cultivated through our care and expertise.

Discover an exciting range of services designed to boost your business to new heights.

Product Support

Elevate your heavy machinery journey with our remarkable product support. Achieve optimal performance, witness remarkable results, all guided by our expertise. Our proactive care, featuring timely maintenance and swift fixes, secures your success and budget. Step into a future of achievement – embrace product support today.

Operator Training

Equip your team with comprehensive operator training, enabling them to excel in handling heavy machinery operations confidently and safely. Elevate productivity and ensure a secure work environment – invest in effective training today.

Periodic Schedule Maintenance

Don’t overlook the undeniable importance of regular scheduled maintenance – it’s your heavy machinery’s ultimate ally. Count on unwavering reliability, reduced downtimes, and cost savings. Smooth and secure operations become the norm. This isn’t just a maintenance routine – it’s an investment in your business’s thriving future. Seize the advantage – make regular scheduled maintenance your winning strategy today.

Service Agreement

Our service agreements are customized to fit your needs, these agreements provide continuous support and rapid resolutions. Learn more about our service agreements today.

Service & Parts Campaign

Elevate your equipment’s performance with our Service & Parts Campaign. Discover reliability, precision, and value like never before. Enquiry now!